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7th Street Pharmacy is an online prescription drug service which uses US licensed physicians and DEA certified pharmacies. This service is relied upon by thousands of customers to deliver the prescription drugs they need, within the quickest amount of time, using the easiest methods possible, at the lowest prices. Utilizing the latest Internet technology, you are able to buy FDA approved drugs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in privacy, in a secure, private environment while the doctor-patient relationship is securely protected. (Read more about 7th Street Pharmacy.)

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How To Establish Corporate Credit Fast

The process of building and establishing corporate credit can be long for any business. According to research, this process can take months or even years before a company can be able to borrow money to better its operation. Most companies find it hard to establish a good corporate credit soon after its establishment. Most lenders find it hard to trust an entirely new company due to credit issues. The main reason for this is that new firms are mostly unstable financially and operate under less favorable conditions due to rivalry and competition from already established businesses.  

There are however several factors that can help expertise your business’ ability to build corporate credit fast. Discussed below are a few tips on how to build corporate credit quickly.

1.    Have your business registered with credit reporting agencies: Most lenders use credit-reporting agencies to countercheck a business’ credibility and credit score. Having your business registered with these agencies can therefore help fast track the process of building corporate credit. The best thing about these agencies is that, it’s free to register with them.  The registration process can be done online. The corporate’s identification number (EIN) is however required during registration.

2.    Open a bank account under the business name: Having a bank account under the company’s legal name is highly beneficial on the company’s corporate credit.  All transactions should however be handled through the business bank account. This includes paying for utility bills, phone bills and other bills that the company may have. As long as there are income and expenditure records, then the company’s credit score will start shooting high.

3.    Register cell phones under the business name and EIN:  All phones used for transactional purposes within the company needs to be registered under the business name. This makes it possible for cell-phone providers to send bills to the company’s address, where monthly payments will be handled under the company name and accounts. By paying the phone bill and other bills using the company’s name and address, you will be building a positive credit pattern, which is one of the factors lenders look into before approving a loan request.

4.    Obtain business credit cards: Credit cards are the newest mode of payment that many people and companies use.  Paying with credit cards is considerably much faster and easier, as you do not have to carry lump sums of money to make payments. In addition to this, all transaction records are kept alive, meaning credit reporting agencies can pull the records for confirmation. This also helps boost the company’s corporate credit.

5.    Pay company bills in time:  Late loan and bill payments are a major setback on a business’s credit status. It would therefore be advisable to pay all your bills in time, or a few days before the deadline is over. Early bill payments are clear indicators that a company/business is doing well, which helps jump-start the company’s credit score.

Whether you have a new business or are struggling with your credit score, using the tips discussed above can help you repair and establish an excellent corporate credit history. If you stick to these points, it will then take you less than 6 months to have a solid footing.